Image titleMIBCON Group comprises, together with all the companies belonging to the MIBCON Group, a team of 180 enthusiastic and creative people who love their work, fair play, sports, and nature.

Our corporate motto is “working together” and it was chosen by MIBCON employees themselves.

Our corporate values include freedom and the responsibility associated with it, expertise, friendship, and teamwork.


We are the only representative of the prestigious United VARs international partner network within the Slovak Republic as well as in the Czech Republic.

We respect the proven SAP standards and we are interested in an innovative processes and products. Comprehensive implementation of ERP projects based on SAP is our strength. We are well acquainted in SAP licenses.

In the SAP world, we are interested in the latest trends

We are a certified partner for implementing the new, sophisticated, and quick generation SAP business system, SAP S/4HANA. We will guide you to S/4 regardless of whether your processes are currently running in SAP or if you plan to switch to this system. We will be your long-term partner for follow-up system support.

We help companies during their complete transition to the omnichannel environment. The times of the exclusive dominance of the brick-and-mortar shops are gone. We advise on how to set up a modern e-commerce platform. We fully understand that procedurally this is a major change that also requires a change in people's thinking. All of that is available with SAP C/4HANA (formerly Hybris) family products.

The future is in the cloud. However, is your presence already there? Or, is an on-premise solution currently better for you? We will help you answer these questions. Together with you, we will find each of the option's benefits, and we will choose the best variant. We have an overview and knowledge of the SAP's expanding portfolio of cloud products.


Multiple services under one roof. Gradually, our Group has expanded to six companies, and we also have invested in a start-up.

MIBCON a.s. owns significant shares in the following companies:


Specialising in the Slovak market and legislation, covering services related to SAP implementation and licenses on this market.


Creating ready-to-use Cloud platform solutions – SAP Cloud Analytics and SAP Cloud Platform. Outreach focusing on foreign markets, aside from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Deep knowledge of the SAP Solution Manager and its use. Support of S/4HANA migrations and development of own products using this tool.


Modeling data structures or processes, implementation and debugging of database systems and their security. Specialising in SAP/Sybase technologies.

Designeo Creative

Developing tailor-made web solutions. Developing custom products for retail operations based on the combination of the smart hardware and software.


Start-up developing an innovative platform to support IoT and Industry 4.0

MIBCON in the Global Dimension

We are the only representative of United VARs in the Slovak Republic and Czech Republic.

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United VARs is the largest global alliance of more than 50 resellers of SAP solutions covering more than 90 countries. United VARs members are strong local players firmly anchored within the business networks of their respective countries and are working successfully for more than 8,000 customers.

How can our membership be helpful to our customers?

For more information about United VARs please visit www.united-vars.com or simply contact us.